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Saturday, July 29, 2023

J. Cole says he still has Fear of being broke again

J. Cole says he still has Fear of being broke again.

J. Cole previously opened up about his financial anxiety on the song “Rich N-ggaz,” from his 2013 album Born Sinner, on which he rapped about growing up poor and later realizing that money can’t buy happiness.

“Worst fear going broke cause I’m bad with money/ Crooked smile n-gga, momma never had the money,” he spit. 

However, it hasn’t always been a success story for the rapper. There have been times in his life when he didn’t have the money or fame that he has now. Furthermore, like many people, he still harbors a deep fear of not being able to provide for himself or the people that he loves. Cole opened up about this fear of losing his financial stability during a recent TV interview.

“I can’t really sit here like some mogul and give business advice ’cause I don’t think I run the best business,” Cole told Kevin Hart on Hart to Heart. “I’m grateful to have great people around me where it’s like, my money good. I’m smart with my money, and that just comes from fear. I don’t never, ever wanna be broke again so I’m slow to spend. I would definitely say [I’m] mindful because if it’s the right thing, if it’s a family vacation, I’ma spend. I’m not afraid to spend but I’m mindful — yeah, I think mindful is the word.”

The Dreamville founder also discussed his relationship with money in a 2013 interview with The Wall Street Journal, saying his desire to become rich was driven purely by “comfort” and “safety,” as well as the ability to help others.

“I do wanna make a lot of money but that’s only for safety purposes,” he said. “Like, I don’t have a lust of money and I actually don’t even have a love of money. I know these people, they’re my friends and they’re also rappers that I know, they love money, they’re addicted to getting money. And that’s cool, too — that’s what makes some of the most successful businessmen.

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