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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Joe Biden gives speech on Emmett Till 82nd posthumous birthday today

Joe Biden gives speech on Emmett Till 82nd posthumous birthday today.

People gathered at the Emmett & Mamie Till-Mobley House Museum, Garden & Theatre in Woodlawn ahead of what would have been the murdered teen's 82nd birthday.

"The fact that his legacy has lived on. Yes, there was tragedy, and now there's triumph," said reflected Naomi Davis, founder and CEO of Blacks in Green.

Bob Dylan, the iconic folk singer and songwriter, penned "The Death of Emmett Till" in the early 1960s. The song captures the tragic tale of young Emmett's murder, painting a vivid picture of racial injustice and the need for societal change. Dylan's poignant lyrics and haunting melody strike a chord, evoking empathy and stirring emotions in listeners as they are confronted with the harsh realities of racism that still resonate today.

Line dancing, live entertainment and plenty of food were on tap for Sunday as people celebrated Till's life.

"Anybody that was around during that time was touched by Emmett's murder, and had such a profound effect on everyone." said Nuri Madina, director of Sustainable Square Mile.

Born in Chicago, Till was kidnapped and lynched at the age of 14 for allegedly offending a white woman while visiting family in Mississippi.

His death sparked the Civil Rights movement. His life became one of remembrance that is still revered today.

"There is a legacy of triumph in Black America that must be remembered," said David.In 1964, the incomparable Nina Simone released "Mississippi Goddam" in response to the lack of justice for Emmett Till and other victims of racial violence. The song is a powerful anthem of protest against the racial segregation and violence that plagued America during that period. Simone's soulful vocals and fierce lyrics denounce the racial injustice and demand change, while also highlighting the urgent need for a more compassionate and equal society.

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