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Monday, July 24, 2023

NO VIDEO: Breckie Hill finally reacts to her leaked shower sextape from Snapchat

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Breckie Hill finally has reacted to her leaked shower sextape from Snapchat.

She reacted on Facebook. She wrote: "in February i would constantly get texts from Snapchat saying that there were attempted log ins around 4-5am. i changed my password every time but i guess somehow someone still got access to my Snapchat. my team and i are working with a private investigator so that whoever hacked my Snapchat is sent to jail for distribution of child p*rn and hacking. don’t think it won’t happen.
P.S. in over half of those uploads i was just 17 years old. people disgust me sometimes."

Hill wrote, “Me ignoring the 578th call I’ve gotten in the last 10 minutes after my number got leaked,” in a video dated July 21. In the reaction video, she is seen lying on the bed with a sad expression. A pink toy is seen covering some of her face.

The internet is busy talking about the 20-year-old influencer‘s Snapchat leak. Fans stormed to Breckie’s social media platform to react to the news of her private videos becoming public.

The leak saw a video of Breckie taking a bath and posing for the camera while exposing herself. Now several spam websites are spreading the video far and wide.

After learning that her Snapchat video had leaked, Breckie took to TikTok to react to the situation. In one of her videos, Breckie also revealed that her phone number was also leaked.

She revealed that she has crying over the situation for the past three days but had finally decided to move on. “After 3 days of crying, I realized I’m not gonna let some guy who hacked my Snapchat ruin my life,” she said. She also revealed that it was actually the third time that a private video of hers had made it to the internet. “Hopefully this third time is the last,” she said.

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