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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Taylor Lautner, and Joey King, featured in Taylor Swift “I Can See You” music video

Taylor Lautner, and Joey King, featured in Taylor Swift “I Can See You” music video.

In it, actors Joey King, Taylor Lautner, and Presley Cash — all of whom were in attendance at the concert — help Swift pull off a heist of her master recordings. It features a spy van, security lasers, and is jam-packed with action fight scenes (all of which Lautner did himself without a stunt double, Swift revealed).

A figure could be seen stepping out of the vehicle, but due to the dim lighting, the face was obscured. Inside the van, Presley could be seen working away at various monitors that surrounded her, with one camera focused on Taylor's red lips. 

The video then follows the woman from behind, not yet revealing the identity as she made her way through a dark museum. Upon approaching a door, the person dropped a black face mask and removed a cap to reveal that she was Joey King. For the fans gathered Friday at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour stop in Kansas City, the night was sparkling indeed.

Fresh off the release of her third re-recorded album — this time Speak Now (Taylor's Version) — the pop star treated fans at the concert to a brand new music video for one of the album's vault tracks, "I Can See You."

Of the self-directed video, Swift explained at the concert that she had the concept mapped out over a year and a half ago, but it was hard to get all of the actors' schedules lined up to make it happen. This spring, it all worked out and the cast gathered in Liverpool. "Ever since I started re-recording, I wanted to show a story visually that portrayed the ways that you guys have helped me get my music back," Swift said of the concept.

The Kissing Booth actress attempted to enter a code on a keypad to open the door, but was suddenly shocked by the device. 

Back in the van, Presley fixed the problem by typing away at her keyboard, which then prompted the door frame to ignite in a purple hue as Taylor's voice sounded in the background while singing lyrics to the song. 

Joey, who was wearing an all-black, leather ensemble, lifted her leg up into the air and kicked the door down, revealing a dark hallway filled with numerous lasers that she needed to move around to avoid setting off alarms. 

The video quickly cut to Taylor sitting inside of a gold-paneled room which appeared to be a vault. 

She could be seen wearing a sparkling, gold dress while her curly locks were styled to a similar look she had back in 2010, along with a bold red tint to her lips. 

After surpassing the laser hallway successfully, King entered another room that was at first dark, but lights on the ceiling soon automatically turned on, revealing a room full of mannequins in various dresses that were covered by glass cases. 

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