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Monday, July 24, 2023

VIDEO: Outrage as Gregg Wallace promote Good Harvest's human meat on Channel 4

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Outrage for Gregg Wallace promoting Good Harvest's human meat on Channel 4...

Viewers have reacted after TV show host Greg Wallace 'ate human meat' on TV. As part of a show called Gregg Wallace: The British Miracle Meat, which aired tonight on Channel 4, the satirical show saw chef Greg Wallace tuck into steaks made from human flesh donors. He was joined on the show by fellow chef Michel Roux Jr.

The start of the show begins with a narration from Greg who says: "The cost-of-living crisis is hitting Britain hard with food prices rising at the fastest rate in 40 years. But now a new line of affordable protein is hitting our shelves... this is engineered human meat."

He adds: "That's right, a protein made from human cells that promises to be cheaper and tastier than any of its competitors." However viewers were put off by the concept.

Viewers followed Wallace, 58, as he visited Good Harvest’s HQ where staff explained how pieces of flesh was harvested from humans and grown into edible meat.

The TV star was then seen visiting donors including a 67-year-old retired receptionist who agreed to have flesh taken from her buttock and thigh in order to fund two weeks’ energy bills.

Good Harvest’s chief executive later revealed the firm’s premium range comes from the flesh of children aged six and below - with a promotional video which billed the womb as ‘nature’s oven’.

Wallace, who previously fronted BBC 2’s ‘Inside the Factory’, is well known for presenting documentaries about how food and products are made.

‘Gregg Wallace: The British Miracle Meat’ is understood to be a take on satirist Jonathan Swift’s 1729 essay A Modest Proposal - which suggests that poor Irish families donate their children to rich English landlords for food.

However, there was no warning given ahead or during the broadcast to reassure viewers that it was fictional.

One viewer added: 'What the fresh h**l are we being subjected to on @Channel4 now?'

Others - in an apparent joking manner - claimed that 'if enough people vote Tory' they will end up selling their flesh for money. And some even pointed to Brexit as the reason a 'process banned in the EU' would be allowed permitted in the UK. 

One wrote: 'I hope they start putting disclaimers on this satirical cannibalism show before eating the poor ends up in the government’s next election manifesto.'

At one point in the show Wallace and Roux Jr were seen tasting the steaks and two Michelin-starred chef Roux licked his fingers as he cooked.

The programme also included thinly-veiled jibes at the Government - with a Good Harvest employee member remarking that the machine used to grow the meat would have been banned under EU laws.

Wallace also said the new food source might be ‘the only attempt’ seen ‘to take the British cost-of- living crisis seriously’.

Meanwhile, @yoddilove wrote: "What am I watching with Greg Wallace.. human lab grown meat!! Wtf" @amorgymorgan wrote: "Can we just fast forward to the end of this pointless Greg Wallace spoof human meat programme to see the twist. Not sure I can be bothered staying with it."

@KeirWallerPR said: "Has Greg Wallace joined a black mirror episode? What is going on?!?!" And DrSueMoss added: "I'm in a hotel and popped the telly on. I looked away for a minute to answer a plant question and when I looked back Greg Wallace was on talking about a factory making 'human meat' as an engineered protein. Is this a thing?!"

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