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Saturday, July 29, 2023

VIDEO: Police drone captured the moment Climate Scam arsonist setting fires in Calabria Southern, Italy

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Police drone captured the moment Climate Scam arsonist setting fires in Calabria Southern Italy.

A breakthrough came after local law enforcement decided to enlist the help of a high-resolution camera drone with thermal imaging capabilities. According to police, the drone detected a thermal anomaly — a figure fleeing a nascent fire on a motorcycle through a remote field. 

Sicily remained the focal point, with fires continuing to burn near the capital Palermo as seven aircraft were engaged to douse flames. 

Footage from the country's roads showed scenes of people driving to safety down fire-flanked roads. 

Sicily has requested emergency measures from the central government to battle wildfires 

The island has been devastated by wildfires that have killed three elderly people, its regional president said today. 

In a message on Facebook, Sicilian President Renato Schifani said 'scorching heat and unprecedented devastating fires' had turned Tuesday into 'one of the most difficult days in decades'. 

Italian firefighters said they battled nearly 1,400 fires between Sunday and Tuesday, including 650 in Sicily and 390 in Calabria, the southern mainland region where a bedridden 98-year-old man was killed as fire consumed his home. 

Police in southern Italy believe they've captured a serial arsonist thanks to an unexpected hero — a drone. Since early July, the Calabria region has been besieged by a series of devastating wildfires.

The drone operator tracked the man to an isolated farmhouse, where local law enforcement apprehended the 47-year-old local resident. Police said he has a history of petty crimes.

His purported actions were lampooned by the regional governor. Once he noticed he was being filmed, he began to hurl stones at the drone in an attempt to take it out. 

He fled the scene on a motorbike but was followed by the drone, and was eventually reported to Italian police.  

Mr Occhiuto said in the video: 'Calabria is a civilised region but it also has some imbeciles who go to set fires in the woods, like this arsonist we caught yesterday.

'Where does he come from, the caves?' 

He added that the region has 30 drones it can employ to detect potential arsonists, stating that it will take a 'zero tolerance policy' towards any intentional fire starters.  

Italian foreign minister Antonio Tajani also shared the footage on Twitter, saying: 'Only with an accurate control of the territory can these criminals be stopped.'

Areas of southern Europe such as Greece and Italy have been fighting extreme heat and wildfires. 

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