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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Almost 10k Subway fans swear to change their legal name to “Subway” for a lifetime of free food

Almost 10,000 Subway fans swear to change their legal name to “Subway” for a lifetime of free food.

Subway will select one winner from those nearly 10,000 people to give $50,000 in gift cards, as well as $750 to cover the legal fees associated with the name change, according to the contest rules.

In order to enter the contest, hopefuls simply had to offer themselves up for the name change by submitting their full moniker at, which was available until Aug. 4.

The winner will be picked later this month, according to the company, and the company will even cover the $750 in legal fees for the official name change.

Last week, the fast-food chain announced a contest that would offer someone free sandwiches for life — if they just legally changed their first name to “Subway.”

And it’s a tactic that’s actually working.

Subway announced on Tuesday that in just 96 hours, nearly 10,000 people have committed to a lifetime of eating fresh by offering to legally change their name in hopes of being the lucky winner.

In 2022, one superfan camped out for two days to get a footlong tattoo of the Subway Series logo in exchange for free Subway for life. Now, the addition of freshly sliced meats at Subway, showcased on its new Deli Hero subs, is inspiring a whole new level of passion.'

Subway said this is the company's third year for their 'multiyear transformation journey.' In 2021, the retailer did an overhaul of its pantry of ingredients and in 2022 unveiled their Subway Series.

Their latest update is described as Subway's 'most complex' and $80 million investment which included bringing deli meat slicers to more than 20,000 US restaurants over the course of nine months to get ready for this summer's debut. 

Over the past year, Subway's culinary team worked on crafting recipes for its Deli Hero subs that include the Titan Turkey (#15), Grand Slam Ham (#99), Garlic Roast Beef (#17) and The Beast (#30) – also piled high with double cheese.

The company is headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut and has more than 37,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. Each Subway franchise is independently owned and operated, as per

According to multiple media reports, Subway is in the process of finding a buyer, most likely a private equity firm, NBC News reported. 

 Reuters reported last week that the fast food chain could get as much as $9 billion and that any sale would be completed by the end of August, the news outlet reported.

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