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Saturday, August 12, 2023

CAUSE OF DEATH: Namjoon tells his fans that Pet dog, Moni, is dead

CAUSE OF DEATH: Namjoon tells his fans that Pet dog, Moni, is dead.

According to a fan account, the fan confirmed that Kim Nam-joon's pet dog died after battle with cardiac arrest.

BTS’ RM’s Dog Moni Has Passed Away
During his livestream, RM gave fans the sad update after someone asked if the rapper was doing well. “Ah, I never shared the news with you guys,” RM said in English before switching to Korean. According to a fan translation, RM’s dog, Moni, “crossed the rainbow bridge” about two to three months ago. Due to his busy schedule, RM didn’t get to spend too much time with Moni before his passing. Since his family lived with him every day, RM said they’ve been “having a difficult time” mourning him. “He was family,” RM said. “I hope our Moni will be happy as a puppy star, too.”

Still, ARMYs got a few chances to see their sibling-like dynamic. Back in 2016, the BTS leader participated in a show called Try To Find Me and showed the hilarious “one-sided love” he has for Monie. From his request to look at the camera to his attempt to get a kiss from Rapmon, every effort was royally ignored by his pet puppy. Only when RM offered some snacks did he give an ounce of attention to his hyung.

BTS‘ RM’s dog, Moni, has passed away. The rapper confirmed the sad news during an Aug. 12 livestream on the Weverse app. Although Moni died a few months ago, RM said he didn’t get a chance to tell fans about it until now. The K-pop star shared countless photos of his pup on social media over the past decade. Considering the BTS ARMY witnessed Moni grow up, they’re devastated to hear of his passing. They reacted to the news by trending the phrases “Moni” and “Oh Moni” on Twitter (X).

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