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Saturday, August 26, 2023

GBV PHOTO: "I slapped her" - Bonisile Hanibun Mgidi revealed why he assaulted his babymama, AthenKosi Grey

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Bonisile Hanibun Mgidi has revealed why he assaulted his babymama, AthenKosi Grey.

Taking to social media, Bonisile Hanibun Mgidi revealed that he slapped her after she became violent while confronting her about having affair with a colleague. 

He wrote:

"No, I did do it. She came back from Hospital very violent after I confronted her about an affair with a colleague. She threw a mug at me which is probably still under the bed. I got mad and did it. A person almost double my size with a history of violent attacks towards me threw a mug at me and I slapped.

3 weeks yonke umuntu is in a Psychiatric Hospital while I am running the home alone. Dealing with her mental health and dealing with the home. While she is there she is rekindling her affair with Daniel Nheta (a married co worker at TUT) and when confronted she throws mugs at me?

Izolo I went to fetch my things and she told me on Wednesday that she will encourage her brother to hit me. She overestimated her brother’s fighting abilities and when he attacked me we got into a scuffle and he injured his knee. Upon finding this out she got mad and this is why there is this post.

The house and complex opposite is riddled with cameras. They will show footage of who attacked me first yesterday and she will know who threw the mug.

I understand that in this climate I will be attacked and sworn at but Athe’s bipolar makes her very violent. She has violently attacked me numerous times. She has burnt my clothes because I was not home by 8pm and then lost her mind because I told a friend. She threw a mug at me and I snapped.

Cops came and when she was told that her being the first attacker meant that I could open a case she decided not to go through with it.

Support her all you like and by all means if that supporting her means attacking me then do it, to some part I deserve it. But when that is done give her the proper support to deal with her issues and violent outbursts.

"I finally got context by going through the old chats. I had actually forgotton what the burning of my clothes was. I was leaving her and said “I will pack my bags at 22:00, I am still out with my friends”. This was her way of punishing me for that. Over R30k worth of sneakers, Jeans and other items burnt by your peaceful sister who is not capable of violence.

You find it hard to believe that an arsonist throws mugs? Ask her why her phone screen is severly cracked. We were in the garage with me trying to stop her from leaving because I felt she was in no state to drive because of her meds, she threw the phone at me. It hit a car.

Her previous phone also had a cracked screen because she threw it at me. (this one I am actually happy because a Police Officer friend of her’s and my mother were there to witness this when I called them and said Athe is acting up). They saw the phone thrown at me and a metal bar being swung at me when her melt down was about her loss and grief and not even me.

She throws things in anger all the time. Her hand has scars because she violently hit a window. All of you know those scars but think it is weird that she would throw objects at me?

“We knew you would blame her mental health” when she was violent less than 2 hours after I fetched her from a psychiatric hospital? What must I blame? Or this mental health that is so serious turns off when she gets into this relationship?"

Taking to social media, Athenkosi Grey, revealed that her boyfriend was violent towards her. 

She wrote: "A couple of days back, while I was napping no Mihla, u Bonisile Hanibun Mgidi woke me up ngee mpama. He hit me in front of Mihlayonke, with my baby crying begging him to stop. Mihla is now having nightmares screaming "daddy don't hurt mommy". Mna I am in deep shock. This is to say ke guys ithimlile ipenguin. I had just gotten back from hospital, theater, ndabethwa ndanya. I never espethedith. There seems to be an attack coming from burner accounts again. Someone is at home, bored and creating accounts to make all sorts of accusations on almost everything I posts."

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