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Sunday, August 13, 2023

JUMPING VIDEO: Chrisean Rock getting sister set up as her friends jumped Tesehki in the van

Chrisean Rock getting sister set up as her friends jumped Tesehki on the van.

In the clip above, Rock is seen getting splashed by a ton of water from someone inside the van she just exited. Rather than lashing out as she would’ve in the past, the Baltimore native kept her cool as Tesehki continued to yell at her out the window.

Her discontent was obvious, but Chrisean saved her thoughts for the internet. “You tried me for clout. Everything [that] happened after [that you] deserve it. The jealousy was clear as day 😂🥱,” she tweeted as the footage began making circulating online late last night.

For the more fortunate among us women, pregnancy is a time that finds you surrounded by loved ones and a peaceful environment as you prepare to bring new life into the world. For Chrisean Rock, her experience has been anything but serene. In fact, that 23-year-old has contemplated terminating on more than one occasion, especially when Blueface made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t plan to play the role of father in her family. There’s also been the hate Rock has gotten from those in her baby daddy’s circle, such as his first co-parent, Jaidyn Alexis, and his mother, Karlissa Saffold.

The intense clip got social media users talking. For those who don’t know, Chrisean is currently nearing the end of her pregnancy. She’s carrying the child of her on-again off-again partner Blueface, though they appear to have gone their separate ways for now. There’s been a great deal of drama between the two of them throughout the entirety of her pregnancy, and lately he’s focused his attention on Jaidyn Alexis. Chrisean also just recently claimed to be doing better than ever without him.

At this point, the drama is coming at Chrisean from all directions. Fans note that the stress can’t be healthy for her developing child, who’s reportedly due sometime in September. With that being said, the rapper and reality star took to social media, appearing as calm and collected as ever to discuss the recent feud with her sister. She explained why she had Tesehki jumped, claiming that it was simply a response to her behavior.

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