Karnataka police arrested Vishkanya Neha Meher in BENGALURU for running a Honey Trap and Extortion Racket KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Friday, August 18, 2023

Karnataka police arrested Vishkanya Neha Meher in BENGALURU for running a Honey Trap and Extortion Racket

Karnataka police arrested Vishkanya Neha Meher frm Mumbai who got arrested by Bangalore Police for running a Honey Trap and Extortion Racket.

The accused woman, the prime suspect in the case, has been identified as Meher who would trap the men through the Telegram application in the name of Neha. After trapping the men, Meher and her aides also forced them to convert their religion to Islam and perform circumcision, apart from blackmailing them for money.

The incident is said to have happened within the jurisdiction of Bengaluru’s Puttenahalli police station.

Her team will be ready to capture the visuals. They will then grab the victims’ phones and collect the numbers of their close relatives and friends from the contact list. Then will blackmail them for money. If money is not given, will threaten them to send the photos to their relatives and friends. She will then ask to marry her and will ask them to embrace Islam as she is a Muslim. The victims will then give money and escape from there. The fraud came to light after one of the victims filed a complaint.

Her arrest was recorded at the Puttenahalli Station in Bengaluru. Her co-accused Yasin, Prakash, Baligara, Abdul Khader were arrested earlier. A search has been intensified for another accused Nadeem. The police are examining whether there are more victims.

The other members of the gang meanwhile would hide in her home and capture derogatory videos of the victim men with the model. The gang members would then appear and steal the victim’s phone and make a list of all the contacts. They would then ask the victim for money and threaten to defame him in his family and friend circle if their demands would remain unfulfilled. The gang would also threaten to send the victim’s compromising photos and videos to his family and friends and ask him to marry the accused model woman.

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