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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

PHOTO: Laurence Fox seen in afro hair after he recently racially transitioned in new picture on Twitter

Laurence Fox seen in afro hair after he recently racially transitioned.

He wrote: "Can’t wait. As someone who has recently racially transitioned, I’m glad my culture is going to be celebrated!
It’s been a long journey. First the hair curling, then the course of white blockers. It’s just great to finally be myself." 

Laurence Fox has accused black and working-class actors of only complaining about bias in the industry after they have become established.

The actor told a podcast presented by the right-wing commentator James Delingpole: "The most annoying thing is the minute a black actor - it's the same with working class actors - the minute they've got five million quid in the bank, every interview they do is about how racism is rampant and rife in the industry.

"And with working class actors, 'There's not enough working class actors'. You weren't saying that when you didn't have a f****** pot to piss in were you?"

The comments come following an appearance on Question Time during which he defended the media against calls of racism over the Duchess of Sussex.

He attracted criticism on social media after accusing university lecturer Rachel Boyle of "being racist".

Mukhtar Ali Yassin took to Twitter this afternoon [August 9] to tell his followers: "Hi everyone, @LozzaFox has sued me. I did not get the letter as it was sent to the wrong address. I will be defending it & @mlewislawyer has agreed to act on “no win no fee”. If I need to crowdfund for any disbursements, I’ll let you know. But it's on."

Mr Yassin's tweet comes just hours on from Fox being slammed on social media for uploading a picture of himself wearing an afro wig and seemingly sporting excessive amounts of fake tan on his face. The controversial dad-of-two claimed he was "someone who has recently racially transitioned" as he shared the image on Twitter this morning.

On May 2 this year, Mr Yassin shared two screenshots showing a Twitter interaction between Fox and another Twitter user. During the exchange, Fox shared a TikTok and wrote "Dear Black people, stop making everything about you." The Twitter user replied to the former actor: "F*-k off you Racist Pr**k."

Mr Yassin didn't delete his tweet and has stood by his claims several times since his original post. Today, after revealing Fox was suing him, the Twitter user shared a picture of a piece of paper showing: "Laurence Fox (Claimant) and Mukhtar Ali Yassin (Defendant)". He captioned the image: "It's really happening."

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