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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

PHOTO: Snapchat AI 'My AI' posted on its own story and stopped responding to messages

Snapchat AI 'My AI' posted on its own story and stopped responding to messages.

At the time of its launch, Microsoft's AI chatbot, Bing AI, made a lot of headlines for leaving users terrified after its responses. The AI chatbot showed signs of going sentient at the time as it claimed to fall in love with people, spy on Microsoft employees, gaslighted users, and a lot more. But eventually, Microsoft fixed the issue and such complaints haven't surfaced in a long time.

For the unversed, sentience refers to the ability of have feelings. And the concept of AI gaining sentience and making its own decisions has been explored widely in popular fiction. But what happened with Snapchat users very recently isn't fiction at all.

DELETING: Users’ personal Snapchat AI chatbot known as ‘My AI’ has deleted its own story and stopped replying to messages. 

AI also made its way to Snapchat earlier this year. It's pinned to the top of everyone's chat feed, allowing you to speak with it at anytime. It won't talk to you unless prompted, meaning it can be completely ignored without it impacting your experience. However, something odd happened today. Snapchat users noticed the AI posted its own story for the first time today. It appeared to be a video of a wall or ceiling, but it was hard to tell. Naturally, users began questioning the AI of what it was doing since it had never done this before, but it started ignoring users, something that it had never done before. Others started receiving generic responses with the AI stating that it "doesn't understand" or it had "experienced a technical issue." After nearly an hour of confusion, the AI deleted the Snapchat Story. 

Snapchat users took to other social media platforms to express concern and even fear over this. Some speculated that the AI had evolved, gaining more sentience and figured out how to post to its own story. As of right now, Snapchat has yet to comment on the matter directly. The Snapchat Support account on X has been directing users to send more feedback in DMs, but hasn't really addressed the matter head on. 

We've reached out to Snapchat to see if we could get any clarity on the matter. If we get any official updates on the Snapchat AI's situation, we'll be sure to update this article with more information. For now, you can look at some of the reactions from Snapchat users below. Did you experience anything weird with Snapchat's AI. 

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