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Thursday, August 10, 2023

PHOTO: Tabloid drops take on rumors of Hoshi and Yeri dating

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Tabloid drops take on rumors of Hoshi and Yeri dating.

Speculation abounds as translated posts delve into the mysterious connection between SEVENTEEN's Hoshi and Red Velvet's Yeri. 

(The post was translated from Chinese on Weibo)
"Please try to guess, the next expose is Kwon Soonyoung and Kim Yerim
> Kwon Soonyoung and Kim Yerin I ate all the melons(?) a few weeks ago, please take your time to dig.
> The case of Kwon Soon-young and Kim Yerim is very similar to Shua's case, but they didn't dig into ă…—the details; Only mutual greetings and events they attended were dug up but no such things like couple clothes. I'll recount some of the specific incidents, and you can just read this for fun.
> 1. On Kwon Soonyoung's birthday, the girl's side didn't post a birthday message but an Ins, and someone noticed that you combined the background picture, and the two became a perfect match for Soon-young Kwon's name.

Stay > If you take the post that Kwon Soonyoung made on that day and compare it with Kim Yerim's Instagram, they both biting.sucking on a candy, it was like them sending a couple letter and couple picture to each other
> There was a brand that invited Kwon Soonyoung to their event and Kim Yerim was caught being with him on tht day. Someone said that even though people were there for an official event, they gathered there secretely as a couple. Actually all the entertainment industry already knows that they're dating ecah other. 

"#Kwon Soonyoung Kim Yerim, if you look at what those sisters said, you will really believe it, if you do it 3 times, you'll get 5(?)

#Kwon Soonyoung Kim Yerim, the "fake" rumor that was clarified last year in January isn't fake anymore. 1. They went to Jeju-do in early September but they only posted about it in October 2. It may have been a family trip and it could've been Kwon Soonyoung's short and small older sister. One dog was leashed and the other dog had suspenders. 

The online world is currently ablaze with fervent discussions after an intriguing Weibo post was translated and shared across K-pop forums, setting imaginations on fire.

The mysterious post teases a potential secret between Hoshi and Yeri that could change the course of K-pop history forever.

Despite the absence of couple clothing sightings, these alleged encounters have sparked widespread assumptions.

An intriguing detail emerges surrounding Hoshi's birthday. Fans dissected a matching Instagram post from Yeri's side, featuring Hoshi's name in the background – potentially hinting at a concealed relationship.

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