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Monday, August 21, 2023

Prime Energy launches in Canada with 140mg caffeine just weeks after recall

Prime Energy launched in Canada after recall
In a post on Twitter, the official Prime account shared an image revealing the launch. “Move over maple, Canada has new energy drink flavors,” it says.

In the picture you can see that the cans have been altered to include the French translation of the flavor at the top of the label.

They also state the English and French translations of “Supplemented” and “Health Canada” in a label by the rim of the can.

Officials said they are aware some stores may be selling Prime Energy without approval.

The company has yet to officially launch its product in Canada.

In Canada, drinks cannot have more than 180mg of caffeine per serving. Some Prime Energy products have 200mg.

Prime Energy "contains a comparable amount of caffeine to other top selling energy drinks, all falling within the legal limit of the countries it's sold in", the company said in a statement to the BBC.

It also said the packaging states it is not made for anyone under the age of 18.

"As a brand, our top priority is consumer safety, so we welcome discussions with the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) or any other organisation regarding suggested industry changes they feel are necessary in order to protect consumers," it said.

The official Canadian product is expected to contain about 140mg per can once available.

In 2022, social media influencers Logan Paul and KSI - who have around 48 million YouTube followers between them - launched the caffeine-free Prime Hydration drink. The company began selling Prime Energy this year and the product quickly became an online sensation, sparking chaotic scenes outside of stores as customers fought to get their hands on the product.

Launched in January 2023, Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime Energy has skyrocketed in popularity with some countries even importing it from the US to sell at inflated prices.

The import of the drink caused a stir when Health Canada issued a recall on the drink due to its high caffeine content of 200mg.

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