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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Sean O’Malley says he can cheat on wife because "I pay for everything"

Sean O’Malley says he can cheat on wife because "I pay for everything"

UFC’s bantamweight star Sean O’Malley will soon go head to head with the champion Aljamain Sterling on August 19. This will be Suga’s first title fight in UFC and several fans are betting on O’Malley to win the title. Given Sean’s rise to fame, many people want to learn more about his personal life, his family and more.

O’Malley is currently married to his wife Danya Gonzalez. While they both have a daughter together, they share a very unique relationship. Sean O’Malley practices a polygamous relationship with his wife, meaning both of them have the freedom to sleep with other partners while in a relationship.

Although Sean O’Malley has the freedom to sleep with other women, he has stopped letting his partner do the same due to Andrew Tate’s influence. During his appearance on the Flagrant podcast, Sean revealed how Andrew Tate has had a major influence on their relationship. 

O’Malley said his success in the octagon, which includes a shocking knockout victory over Aljamain Sterling to claim the UFC bantamweight championship on Saturday, has a lot to do with what he pleases to do outside of it.

“If I wasn’t paying for everything, if I wasn’t, you know, successful in any sort of way, and I was just like maybe an average Joe, I probably wouldn’t. It probably wouldn’t be fair. But I’m f–king King Kong baby,” O’Malley said.

"I treat Danya like a queen. If I get a little p–s on the side, what does that have to do with anything? I have testosterone running through my veins; it’s simple.”

The recently-crowned UFC bantamweight champion has long been in an open relationship with his wife, Danya Gonzalez, and he once claimed they have “dope threesomes” together.

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