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Thursday, August 24, 2023

TMZ reports Britney Spears is paying $10,000 a month for Sam Asghari’s new apartment in Los Angeles

TMZ reports Britney Spears is paying $10,000 a month for Sam Asghari’s new apartment in Los Angeles.

Sam and Britney had an acrimonious breakup, so on the surface it seems surprising she'd foot the bill for his living quarters. But our sources say Britney's handlers thought it wise to make the gesture. As we reported, Sam's lawyer is making sounds he will challenge the prenup, and it will almost certainly end with Britney writing a check to Sam. Sources say the amount will be several hundreds of thousands of dollars in the end.

She said in the video: “Let me show them how tiny you are. Say ‘hi’ Snow!”
Sam cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the estranged couple’s separation and has asked that Spears pay spousal support and his attorneys’ fees.
There have already been reports Sam believed Britney cheated on him – causing an alleged “nuclear” row at the end of July, according to sources.
There have also been claims Sam has told friends the singer was violent towards him and would act so “erratically” she would allegedly chuck knives at the wall of the LA mansion where they married in 2022.
The ‘Lucky’ singer is said to be living with her older sibling Bryan, who she remained close to throughout her long-running battle to free herself from her family’s controversial conservatorship.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Britney and Sam have decided that he will keep their Doberman, Porsha, who Sam bought for Britney in October 2021 as a protection dog, and their Australian Shepherd, Sawyer, a Yorkie named Hannah and two other small dogs will remain with Britney.
Britney has also appeared to replaced Porsha with a teeny white fluff ball called Snow that appears to be a Maltese.
Captioning a clip of her new canine companion, Britney wrote on Instagram: “Introducing Snow … the new edition to the family … it’s her world and we just live in it !!!”

Our sources say Britney and Sam still aren't talking ... though as we first reported, they've at least come to an agreement on their dogs. Sam gets the Doberman, Porsha, and Britney gets their remaining 4 dogs -- including the Australian Shepherd, Sawyer, and new puppy, Snow.

Britney's system of support continues to dwindle, with only her attorney, Mat Rosengart, and manager, Cade Hudson, remaining ... but sources tell us she's recently expressed a desire to mend things with her dad, Jamie Spears.

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