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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

VIDEO: “Fuck off Alex” - Justin Verlander tells the known cheater, Alex Cora, to fuck off

“Fuck off Alex” - Justin Verlander told the known cheater, Alex Cora, to fuck off.

Alex Cora’s got a lot of nerve getting upset at Verlander for trying to fix his PitchCom considering Cora is the reason we need PitchCom in the first place.

Facing the first batter in the top of the second inning of the Astros' home game against the Boston Red Sox, Verlander was initially called for a pitch-clock violation—which would typically result in an automatic ball under MLB's new rules. Verlander immediately contested the call, with the AT&T SportsNet Southwest television crew pointing out that the starting pitcher indicated he was having issues with his PitchCom device, which allows pitchers and catchers to communicate.

The announcers indicated that Verlander was initially handed a Spanish version of the PitchCom device when he first requested a change, which he sent back to the dugout in exchange for one in English, further extending the delay.

That didn’t seem to sit well with Boston manager Alex Cora, who came out to discuss the situation with the umpires. 

It appears Verlander took offense to something Cora said, as the broadcast’s hot mics picked up the 40-year-old letting slip a not-so-friendly comment in the direction of the Red Sox’s skipper.

Amid a discussion with the home plate umpire, Verlander appeared to receive a new transmitter from the dugout. During this time, Cora—now the manager of the Red Sox after being a central figure in the Astros' sign-stealing scandal—stepped on the field and approached Verlander and the umpire, though it wasn't quite clear who his words were initially directed to or what he was saying. Nonetheless, the exchange prompted an explicit response from Verlander.

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