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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

VIDEO: Full video shows moment Liz Cambage got punched after she called Nigerian players 'monkeys'

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Full video shows moment Liz Cambage got punched after she called Nigerian players 'monkeys'.

Previously unseen footage of Liz Cambage's clash with Nigerian players during the notorious practice match with the Australian national baskeball team has surfaced just days after she was banned from playing for her country ever again.

Cambage walked away from the Opals before the Tokyo OIympics following allegations she called Nigerian players 'monkey' and said 'go back to your own third world country' in the heated warm-up game in 2021.

Nigerian guard Sarah Ogoke also weighed in, writing: “We are not recruiting you and you definitely spewed racist profanities against us during our scrimmage.”

Jordin Canada, who played with Cambage during her brief and rocky tenure with the Los Angeles Sparks in 2022, also pushed back after the interview. “I usually keep to myself and mind my business but Bleacher Report if y’all want the REAL TRUTH, call me,” Canada wrote.

Nigerian basketball officials also have denied speaking with Cambage about playing for the national team, ESPN contributor Colin Udoh reported Tuesday.

“I don’t know who she’s talking to,” Nigeria Basketball Federation vice president Babs Ogunade told Udoh.

That second opponent, wearing the No.9 jersey, then sprints over to Cambage as she stands on the sideline and strikes her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

In a telling detail, none of the Opals support their teammate by clashing with the Nigerian star after the hit.

The Australian team crashed out of the Tokyo Olympics in the quarter finals after a bitter divide opened between the players and Cambage over her alleged racist remarks.

She was hit with a formal reprimand by Basketball Australia after the incident was investigated. 

The racism allegations surfaced in 2022, when former Opals skipper Jenna O'Hea claimed accusations that Cambage used the 'monkey' and 'third world' slurs were '100 per cent' true.

“Why does Nigeria want me to leave Australia and go and represent them?” said Cambage, whose father is Nigerian. “We’re filing for me to leave the Australian team, so I can represent Nigeria. I’ve been in cahoots, I’ve been talking to them since all of this happened. This is what I mean, people don’t know the truth.”

Several Nigerian players and basketball officials have disputed both of Cambage’s assertions. Cambage is not in talks to play for the Nigeria national team, and she did indeed direct a slur at its players during a 2021 scrimmage, Nigerian representatives said.

“I’m sorry but this is false,” Nigerian guard Promise Amukamara wrote Monday as part of a Twitter thread. “She called us monkeys and told us to go back to our country. Yes she said that!

“Literally everyone from both teams have the same story BUT her, so y’all do the math!”

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