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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

VIDEO: Taylor Swift fans celebrate as LWYMMD tv SNIPPET gets released

Taylor Swift fans celebrate as LWYMMD tv SNIPPET gets released.

Reputation (Taylor’s Version) is coming! The teaser trailer for Apple TV+’s new series Wilderness dropped on August 23 and featured the first listen of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor’s Version).” The re-recorded track will be the song featured in the opening titles for the series.

The official synopsis for Wilderness reads: “Liv becomes the actress starring in Will’s bad dreams after she learns about his betrayal, and her heartbreak is swiftly followed by another emotion: fury. The couple embark on an American road trip Liv’s fantasized about since she was little, from the Grand Canyon on through Yosemite, before ending up with a hedonistic weekend in Las Vegas. For Will, it’s a chance to make amends; for Liv, it’s a very different prospect—a landscape where accidents happen all the time. The perfect place to get revenge.”

“Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor’s Version)” is the perfect song choice for this psychological thriller. Perfectly in line with the reputation vibe, the tagline for the series is: “look what he made her do.” In the teaser, Liv’s relationship with Will goes up in flames after his affair is exposed. When they go on a road trip, things take a dark turn. At one point, it looks like Liv’s going to push Will off the edge of a cliff.

The release came with a very cool lyric video, but just hours later, she's dropped a teaser for the actual, IRL, full video on her Facebook page. And shock horror, Taylor has of course gone totally low-key with the vid.

. It looks like her most epic video yet.

In-between a big ‘LOOK’ ‘WHAT’ ‘YOU’ ‘MADE’ ‘ME’ ‘DO’ flashing up on the screen in black and white, we can see snippets of what’s to come. It looks like Bad Blood, mixed with Blank Space, with some snakes (obvs) and a hella big budget.

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