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Thursday, August 17, 2023

WHO IS Dick Bigger Jr? Republicans' favourite person

WHO IS Dick Bigger Jr? Republicans' favourite person.

Dick Bigger Jr. is a proud patriot. The kind of man who loves nothing more than participating in local politics by presenting his baseballs to politicians so they can autograph them. Laugh all you want, but Dick Bigger has the balls to get this done.

It is no surprise that a larger-than-life character like Dick Bigger Jr. has captured the world's attention previously. And while his name remains double-take worthy whenever it pops up, his hobby remains just as noteworthy. While he didn't mention getting autographs in the Comptroller ad, you have to assume he's got a Mendoza ball on his shelf at home.

It also begs the question - is a baseball the best thing to get signed? Obama's autograph on a napkin or piece of paper off a notepad would be kind of boring. Sure, a signed campaign poster or yard sign would be neat, but those take up a lot of space on the wall. But you put that signature on a baseball and properly display it kind of makes perfect sense. Maybe politicians should start carrying around baseballs to sign for voters. It could certainly wrap up the Sandlot voters.

Signing Bigger’s balls is a rite of passage for Illinois politicians, as his balls were once signed by former president Barak Obama. It’s unclear how many of Bigger’s balls have been held by politicians, but considering the farmer attends the state fair every year to get his balls signed, it’s safe to say he has a lot of balls.

In the wake of the internet falling in love with Dick Bigger we learned that his mother was named Dixie Bigger.

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