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Friday, August 11, 2023

xQc lost over $1M gambling in Las Vegas

xQc lost over $1 million gambling in Vegas.

"This coulda been us but your f*cking braindead lmfao"

xQc shaded the on going situation with his ex Adept in his latest Instagram story.

The former Overwatch professional player seemingly enjoyed his trip, albeit losing over a million in gambling. However, the minor hiccup might not even impact xQc in terms of net worth, as the streamer has been garnering millions in deals. 

xQc continued posting a couple of stories of him having a fun time in Vegas and concluded with one of his selfies revealing his return from the trip, as he wrote: 

“Flying back in the morning then we’re back to normal” Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of the net’s top streamers on multiple platforms. Currently, he stands as Twitch’s 5th most-followed broadcaster, and famously signed a $100 million deal with Kick in June.

Since then, all eyes have been focused on the influencer as he flexes his newfound wealth in spats with the likes of H3H3 and continues to argue over the ethics of his reaction-style content.

xQc loses $1 million gambling in Las Vegas
It’s no secret that xQc’s net worth is up there in the multi-millions, but the Juicer let his fans know exactly how much cheddar he’s working with in a jaw-dropping Instagram story the night of August 9.

xQc posted a photo of himself holding onto stacks of $100 bills (flexing his famous watch, as well), captioned: “$1.1 million downswing, AHAHAHA.”

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