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Friday, September 1, 2023

Brazilian Crypto streamer, Fraternidade Crypto, lost $60K after accidentally exposing private keys on live stream

Crypto bro loses $60K after accidentally exposing private keys on stream.

Unfortunately for the streamer, his Gala Games passwords were stored in the same text file as the seed phrase for his MetaMask wallet, which had a significant amount of Polygon’s MATIC. 

Shortly after accidentally opening the text file, which exposed two private keys for his cryptocurrency wallets, Bianco closed the livestream, but apparently, it was already too late to recover the funds for the streamer.

Fraternidade Crypto subsequently started a new livestream, claiming that one of his viewers managed to access his MetaMask wallet through the private key and stole his entire Polygon stash of 86,000 MATIC. At the time of the accident, the amount was worth around $50,000.

With a following of around 34,000 subscribers and amassing over 2.2 million views since 2017, the incident sent shockwaves through his community. In a follow-up stream, a visibly distressed Bianco recounted the events, explaining his frantic attempts to secure his assets once he realized the exposure. However, the damage was done swiftly, with significant amounts of MATIC and ETH disappearing from his wallets.

A Brazilian streamer accidentally burned his private wallet key on a stream and lost 86,000 MATICs, various NFTs and other crypto assets totaling $60,000

Fraternidade Crypto opened a text file storing various passwords during a live stream and burned 2 private keys. One of his viewers quickly stole the crypto.

Fraternidade Crypto tearfully asked to return the crypto because it was his last funds. According to information on the network, only 86,000 MATIC were returned to him, and no other crypto

“I accidentally showed my private key live, and the person had really quickly sent it to another address. I tried to close the broadcast and send crypto to another address, but I was too late,” Bianco said in the emotional video that followed the accident.

In the video, the streamer provided a link to the Polygon address of the unknown perpetrator. The 86,000-MATIC stash then started to be transferred across different addresses.

Bianco claimed that he lost his entire life savings to the accident, pleading with the stream viewer to return the money for a reward. The YouTuber also said that he was planning to file a complaint with the local police, noting that about 70 people were watching his unfortunate livestream.

In a surprising twist, after the theft, an individual reached out to Bianco on Discord, confessing to the theft and expressing remorse. Following their conversation, the majority of the stolen MATIC was returned to Bianco’s wallet.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of crypto security. As the digital currency landscape continues to evolve, practicing due diligence and being vigilant against potential threats is paramount. The crypto space, while filled with opportunities, also harbors risks, and it’s essential to tread with caution to avoid falling prey to hackers and opportunists.

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