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Monday, September 4, 2023

"It's quite cheap" - Gamers continue to react to GTA VI rumoured $150 price tag

"It's quite cheap" - Gamers continue to react to GTA VI $150 price tag.

Numerous rumors and leaked details surround the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. One of the most talked-about aspects is its budget, which was shared in the September 2022 leaks but gained viral attention within the community only in May 2023. The leaks suggest that Rockstar Games is investing $1-2 billion in the development of the game, with a screenshot of a conversation revealing that the studio had already spent $2 billion by the time of the leak

The notorious GTA 6 leaks of September 2022 gave the player base a glimpse of what Rockstar Games has been cooking for the years. The clips were reportedly from a pre-alpha stage and had many bugs and glitches. Despite this, they went viral on the internet, with many players praising what the gaming studio has accomplished so far.

Although Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, has taken down most of the leaked clips from the internet, new details keep on surfacing with time. The $150 price tag rumor is one of the newest leaks that divided the player base.

The leaked budget of GTA 6, which is rumored to be over $2 billion USD, has led many players and fans to believe that the game will have a retail price of $150. While some are skeptical about this price tag, others argue that Rockstar Games has charged premium prices before.

The next Untitled Grand Theft Auto game is wildly popular even before its official release. Fans have been asking for the game for years, and Rockstar Games finally acknowledged it on February 4, 2022; however, there have been no other announcements about the title to date.

The gaming studio took five years to release Grand Theft Auto 5, and it is currently one of the most commercially successful video games it ever created. Ironically, Grand Theft Auto 6 has already broken the wait time record of its predecessor and is about to complete nine years in the making (development started in 2014).

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