ORGAN HARVESTING DOCTOR: Dr Noah Kekere arrested for harvesting right kidney of a woman, Mrs Kahinde Busari, in Jos KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Friday, September 8, 2023

ORGAN HARVESTING DOCTOR: Dr Noah Kekere arrested for harvesting right kidney of a woman, Mrs Kahinde Busari, in Jos

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that  Dr Noah Kekere arrested for harvesting right kidney of a woman, Mrs Kahinde Busari, in Jos.

Taking to social media, popular Nigerian tabloid, Pidomnigeria wrote:..

"If you have ever been operated upon by Doctor Noah Kekere, or you have had surgery at Murna clinic and maternity jos plateau state, chances are high that you are currently living without one of your vital organs in your body. Because Doctor Noah Kekere must have harvested andsold a vital organ in your body, in the guise of him conducting surgery on you. Not to talk of those who must have died from complications after their organs were harvested without their families knowing the cause of their death.

"Mrs Kahinde Busari is married to Mr Kamaru Busari, & their union is blessed with four children. They are both based in Jos plateau state Nigeria. 
In 2017, it was discovered that she had appendicitis, so an appendectomy was scheduled for her. It is worthy to note that Mrs Busarihas never gone under the knife before. She has not had a surgery before. Her 4 kids were all through natural childbirth. Not one single Cesarean-section. 

On the date of her surgery, the operating Dr, Noah Kekere, spent over 7 hours in the theater with her, conducting appendix operation on her to the dismay of her family members. But they are not medical doctors, so they had little or no suspicion/worries. She was eventually discharged from Murna clinic and maternity by Doctor Noah Kekere to go home. But 6 months after her discharge, she started having pains around the right side of her belly, as well as weakness. She went back to the clinic where she had her surgery, to the same doctor Noah Kekere. He checked her, & gave her drugs to relieve the pains. But the pains kept coming on & off, while Dr was giving pain killers. It became too severe & excruciating as the years goes by. But Dr Noah Kekere was always giving her pain relieve drugs for temporal cure. In 2023, Mrs Kahinde Busari decided to seek alternative cure, since the private clinic she was using has not found a lasting cure to the pains she has been having. She went to Jos university teaching hospital (JUTH) for a proper and better medical check up. On Monday 4th of September 2023, a scan was conducted on her, to see what could have been responsible for the persistent pains around that area.

"When the Scan result came out, Mrs Kahinde Busari was shocked when the Doctor at (JUTH) who was attending to her asked her if she was aware that an organ has been removed from her body. đŸ‘€
She answered nope, that she is not aware. The doctor now informed her that herKidney on the right side of her belly is missing. The same side Dr Noah Kekere claimed to have removed appendix. She busted into tears, because she has never gone through the knife before, not even during childbirth, so how on earth will her kidney just disappear from her body.

"Her husband Mr Kamaru Busari was immediately informed of the development. He went straight to the police @PoliceNG, got some officers to arrest Doctor Noah Kekere at Murna clinic and maternity, Jos Plateau state.
When the Scan result was presented to Dr Noah, he interpreted it Dr Noah Kekere has agreed to have harvested Mrs Kahinde Busari's kidney, but is now blaming the devil over his actions. He is also trying to kill the matter through the backdoor with cash. @PoliceNG must not kill this case, no matter the level of bribe or persuasion.

"Dr Noah Kekere is a criminal, & must be treated as one. Only God knows how many of his victims he has killed intentionally, to conceal evidence. Only God knows how many of his victims that has died of complications, without their families knowing that their organs were harvested."

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