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Saturday, September 23, 2023

PHOTO: Redditor built a hamburger spaceship in Starfield

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Redditor built a hamburger spaceship in Starfield.

Though it hasn’t been available for very long, Starfield users have already put the game’s ship-building tools to the test. Fans have, thus far, created everything from the Empire State Building and Optimus Prime to the Batwing and the Millennium Falcon.

As many would expect, the growing community continues to impress with its Outpost building designs as well. One user even crafted a Waffle House-inspired planetary base.

Using Starfield's deep shipbuilding system, a talented and hungry player has created a massive ship that looks exactly like a hamburger. Since its release two weeks ago Starfield has become Bethesda Game Studios' biggest launch ever, recently announcing that it's amassed over 10 million players so far.

Over the two weeks since launch, shipbuilding has become the talk of the town for many Starfield players, as some incredibly unique and humorous ship creations have been shown off. Fans have recreated popular Pokemon like Bulbasaur and Blastoise, Samus' ship from Metroid, the iconic X-Wing from Star Wars, and much more. One Starfield space trucker even built a ship that looks just like a real world 18-wheeler truck, which looks hilarious soaring in front of planets and through asteroid fields in space.

The creation called a “Big Boi Snack” appears to have roughly half a dozen layers, each one representing part of a burger. The top and bottom portions look like buns, while the middle features layers that resemble two patties, pickles, and tomatoes. Closer inspection even reveals that the top bun’s peppered with sesame seeds.

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