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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

SEX VIDEO: Susanna Gibson and her husband, John, seen having sex in viral leaked sextape

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Susanna Gibson and her husband, John, seen having sex in viral leaked sextape. 

Ms. Gibson’s district, which is outside Richmond and primarily in Henrico County, is one of seven tossup seats in the 100-member House, according to the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project.

Releasing damaging information about candidates of the opposing party into the heat of a campaign is an age-old political practice, but the sensational nature of the disclosure of sex tapes — reportedly featuring Ms. Gibson and her husband, a lawyer — is highly unusual. Ms. Gibson called the release of the tapes “the worst gutter politics.” The Post said it learned of the material from a “Republican operative” who denied a connection to Ms. Gibson’s opponent, David Owen, or to other political groups in Virginia.

Daniel P. Watkins, a lawyer for Ms. Gibson, said it was unlawful in the state to record someone in a state of undress and distribute it to a third party without that person’s consent.

Susanna Gibson is a nurse practitioner and a pro-choice Democratic currently running to represent suburban Richmond, Virginia, in the state House in November. So Republicans are attempting to smear her for having sex with her husband on livestreams. An anonymous Republican leaked the archived videos to reporters in what could very likely be a sex crime. And it’s all feeling like a conveniently timed story meant to distract voters from the fact that Republicans are desperate to pass an abortion ban—and Gibson is running in a toss-up district against someone who would vote to ban abortion.

If Virginia Republicans hold the House and win control of the Senate, they could pass an abortion ban pushed by Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R)—a fact the Post doesn’t mention until the 25th paragraph of the story. Virginia is the last state in the South without significant restrictions on abortion. Gibson told the Post that the disclosure of the videos was “an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family.” She continued, “It won’t intimidate me and it won’t silence me.”

Gibson and her husband, John, reportedly had an account on the website Chaturbate where they livestreamed themselves having sex and asked viewers for tips. Those videos were apparently archived on other sites without the Gibsons’ knowledge—which is what the anonymous Republican operative told the Washington Post. That person also shared screenshots with the Associated Press, something Gibson’s lawyer, Daniel Watkins, called “a criminal act.”

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