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Friday, September 8, 2023 writer, Dan Koiz, wrote an article calling Martin Short 'the most annoying actor on Earth'

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that writer, Dan Koiz, wrote an article calling Martin Short 'the most annoying actor on Earth'.

Now, one X/Twitter user has dug up a 2019 episode of The Tonight Show that featured Steve Martin and Martin Short, in which he says: "This is the greatest show on television because there is no host in late-night who pretends to care as much as you do."

The viral post was soon flooded with comments, with one user writing: "At least some celebrities still stand up for what they believe in."

Another said: "Jimmy said thank you with pride when Martin Short praised him being phony!! wow hahahaha."

"He’s so brilliant," a third commented on Short. "He’s really mastered the art of well-received passive aggressiveness. He’s so diplomatic, but absolutely biting!"


"For half a century now, Martin Short has been not holding back. Short has been synonymous with a kind of eager-to-please flamboyance since his days at Toronto’s Second City, where he would do anything, anything, for a laugh. In his very first sketch with the troupe, Short introduced a character named Ed Grimley, based on his brother-in-law but with the weirdness dialed way up. He found that the character was so bizarre that he’d get laughs even when other actors onstage were talking—“an utter revelation to me,” he writes in his 2014 memoir I Must Say: My Life As a Humble Comedy Legend. As the season went on, Ed became quirkier and quirkier. Short recalls that the night he greased Ed’s hair up to a point like a unicorn’s horn, “my entrance drew its biggest laugh yet.” The character of Ed Grimley, later to be popularized on Second City Television and Saturday Night Live, would forever have pointy hair. After all, Short thought, basking in the audience’s laughter, “isn’t that what we’re trying to achieve here?”

“This one just didn’t sing,” a critic tells theater director Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) about his dull return to Broadway in the third season of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. “Even your worst productions sing.” No one will see her negative review, written before the show’s leading man was murdered on opening night, but she assures Oliver that it was appropriately negative. “I never hold back,” she adds. “Neither should you.”

"I know that I’m not the only one who finds Ed Grimley—who finds, indeed, nearly all of the over-the-top characters that Martin Short has played in his long career—unbelievably annoying. Short himself acknowledges that some people love him and some people have always hated him. “You’re never gonna win those people over,” he said in an oral history of perhaps his most divisive movie, 1994’s Clifford. The one thing he knows about the people who hate him, he added, laughing, is that “if I had dinner with them, I’d be bored. That’s the only thing I can say back to those bastards.”

"What’s funniest about Martin Short, I believe, is that despite this exhibitionist stage presence, it seems that in real life he’s mostly a calm, well-adjusted guy—friend to many, loving husband and father. If he had dinner with me, perhaps he would be bored. But I bet I would find him a lovely gent.

But really, I’d ask him at the end of the meal. Why are you being like this?"

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