VIDEO: BB25 Houseguest, Cory called Jared Fields 'a fucking moron' after using 'r slur' on America during their conversation KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, September 2, 2023

VIDEO: BB25 Houseguest, Cory called Jared Fields 'a fucking moron' after using 'r slur' on America during their conversation

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that BB25 Houseguest, Cory called Jared Fields 'a fucking moron' after using 'r slur' towards America during their conversation.

According to information, Jared revealed he called America a 'retard' during a conversation with Cory and he promised to apologised to America for using such words.

Now, Americans are calling for Jared to be expelled from the house, just the way Luke Valentine was expelled for using the N-slur

Cory asking Izzy if what America is saying about Cam making her feel uncomfortable in the house does anything for her.

Izzy responds: "No, because I think she loves gossip."

Jared is planning to tell America to get the fuck out of his room if she comes up and try's to talk.

America say's her showmance with Cory has slowly come the end, part of it's because Cam is always hanging around them making thing's awkward. 

Jared – Nobody trust her she does not have a side
feeds flip When we’re back.
Jared – I don’t need anybody in here that is literally threatening me and them. That’s my problem it’s not about her winning or losing if you don’t try you are not trying to help me. You know what the plan is you know who I am trying to get out. (Did Jared throw the pressure cooker)
Jared – if you can’t f***ing put your best foot forward to make that happen what is your use to me?
Corey – You are wrong that is why I am f***ing pissed off. You are freaking out at me for something that isn’t going to happen. How much do you talk to America? I know you don’t trust her but you trust me. I’m saying don’t trust me as a person trust me as a player I know this sh1t.
Jared – you know I do
Corey – I’ve been running around this house dragging America’s name through the mud these past 4 days I don’t need you doing it to me. She’s not my Final three. it’s not you and America.
Jared – would you rather me not talk to you about that
Corey says he doesn’t need her running off with Izzy saying you’re putting her on the block
Jared – that sh1t pisses me off bro… we are leveling out now.. but you have to know that sh1t pisses me off. the moment Red picked her. I know what this girl is about.
Corey – Cam is targeting her Red is targeting her. They’re putting her on the f***ing block maybe going for her specifically. I’m not asking you to trust her just look at what is happening.
Jared bros out going on about how pissed he is that America has thrown all the competitions and is now going to throw the Veto. Almost sounds like he’s laying the groundwork to put her up as the replacement.
Corey – I know America I know she’s not loyal and I know she’s not long for this game I got that. Why the F*** is my closest ally telling me you know that one person that trust you she’s f***ign gone on my HOH
Jared says what if Blue threw the veto on Corey’s HOH
Corey – I would never consider it. If Blue wins HOH I will never be in danger if America wins HOH you will never be in danger. Pissed sure I’m trying to get us further in the game and we can’t lose Blue and America not yet. A couple weeks sure
Jared – there’s no way in hell.. There’s something funky going on with America. I don’t buy the whole Cameron and Red thing..
Jared says he’s pretty sure America will put up Izzy and Cirie (America for HOH Please)
Corey – can we talk about the pressure cooker she was in there for 14 hours knowing the noms would be Jag and Blue throws it and everyone is saying she’s inseparable from jag. She knew
jared – yeah bro that is why I don’t trust her you are just reinforcing that bro.
Corey – she is not gunning for Cirie and Izzy that is delusional
Jared doesn’t believe America is going after Cameron or Red.
Corey reminds him that Matt has been going around the house saying he’s thrown every single competition.

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