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Sunday, September 3, 2023

VIDEO: Chrisean Rock in labor room as she shared exciting clip

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Chrisean Rock in labor room as she shared exciting clip.

Chrisean Rock, however, was not amused. “That’s DISGUSTING!” she shrieked. “The two? Well, how far that gotta go up in there? How she know how to do this? I’m having fun. This is easier than I thought.”

There’s not much of her life that 23-year-old Chrisean Rock doesn’t share with the world. Still, we certainly weren’t expecting to see her going Live on Instagram upon arriving at the hospital earlier today. During a separate stream, the Baddies cast member shared that she’s been experiencing contractions all morning. They’ve only gotten more intense as the day goes on. The unique position Rock placed herself in on the ride to the hospital had many women speculating that her baby boy will soon be arriving. However, it’s unclear if Blueface will be joining her at the hospital.

“My water broke a few days ago, and I didn’t know,” she said. “It was just like a slow leak. I just thought my pussy was wet.”

The L&D nurse then came in to walk her through the next steps, and that’s when hilarity ensued.

“Do you know they put stuff in your coochie?” she said to the nurse, who explained that the “stuff” was actually a catheter, which was helping to drain her urine as she concentrated on labor.

Once she got checked in and settled in her delivery room, Rock resumed streaming her exciting day with fans. Thankfully the doctors on her team appear to have a great sense of humour. They were even joking with the black-haired beauty about some of the less glamorous aspects of their job. “You know how cardiologists do hearts? Well, we do vaginas!” one of the women declared from off-camera after Chrisean complained about the awkwardness of being so exposed.

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