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Friday, September 8, 2023

VIDEO: John Fury called KSI a “human pineapple” in the middle of his anime villain speech

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that John Fury called KSI a “human pineapple” in the middle of his anime villain speech.


The Dillion Danis and Jake Paul saga has taken a new turn. Danis recently caused an uproar on social media after leaking messages from a private conversation he had with Paul's boxing coach. After the YouTuber-turned-boxer dismissed the leaks as fake, Danis recently posted further evidence of their authenticity.

But asked by Mirror Fighting yesterday at the open workout for his fight with Nate Diaz what he had to say about Mosley's alleged messages, Paul responded: "It's fake, stop asking stupid s*** it's clearly fake." Mosley has also denied the messages, claiming that he wasn't controlling his social media at the time.

"Seeing a bunch of noise on social media today," Mosley wrote on Instagram, "For the record three years ago I didn't even control my own social media. Now I do. To be clear, Jake Paul would annihilate Dillon Danis, but it would never get sanctioned. Jake's a boxer. What they are doing are unsanctioned exhibitions and are not on Jake's level. Saturday night you will see."

For context, Danis recently took to social media to post screenshots of a conversation with Paul's coach Shane Mosley via texts. The messages seemingly exposed how 'The Problem Child' operates behind the scenes and shed some light on Paul's alleged match-fixing activities. The texts also showed Mosley claiming Paul won't fight Danis unless he knew the Bellator star had a protracted injury.

Danis is an infamous social media troll and regularly shares fake messages from fighters and celebrities. But he has posted multiple different angles that show a seemingly impossible to discredit series of messages from Mosley, which include a warning not to share their content online.

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