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Monday, September 4, 2023

VIDEO: "Kayamata ruined my life" - Young Nigerian lady speaks out after being told to sleep in graveyard

"Kayamata ruined my life" - Young Nigerian lady speaks out after being told to sleep in graveyards.

In an interview, backing the camera in a video circulating the media, she claimed that she and her friend were into hookup business. She continued that she wasn’t getting as many customers as her friend, which raised her concern because she considers herself more attractive than her supposed friend.

Kayamata is a blend of herbs and roots traditionally believed to enhance love and intimacy. Originating from Northern Nigeria, this concoction has been part of the local lore for generations, but its misuse is a growing concern.

The word ‘Kayamata’ literally translates to ‘Women’s Things’ in Hausa. While the original intent of these herbs was to strengthen marital bonds, it seems their misuse has led to extreme rituals and, in some cases, unimaginable peril.

When she eventually opened up to her friend, the mysterious lady said she introduced her to Kayamata and took her to her ‘Kayamata woman’.


She revealed that the woman gave her oil and face powder to use. The unidentified lady claimed that men’s attention to her increased at an alarming rate and that she had to start declining some men.

She continued that two weeks after she used the things the kayamata woman gave her when she looked into the mirror, she didn’t see herself but what she describes as ‘something different’. She added that she was vomiting blood alongside this new development.


michaelz_edwardz said, “Before you judge her and say balablue, listen. There are so many girls in her shoes, used spiritually, and many guys too that are walking corpse. In as much as I won’t condone immoral life style, my heart goes to all those who out of finiancial frustration fell into stuffs like this, I pray you find peace in Christ Jesus. My dear country had all it needs yet has nothing. If the government have done the right thing, having the interests of the citizens at heart, no woman will be thinking of this way of money making. When will Nigeria be free, when will Nigerians get sense, when will evil end. Ritual killings, destiny sterlings, child/organ trafficking, unknown foolish gun men, kidnappers, church bombings, missing persons, sexual harassment, agbero’s stupidity, pickpockets, whocupings, yahoo-things, gay parties, old and dying in power, election rigging, bribing ways to have ways, oil bunkering and theft, building collapse, boko haraming, bad Internet network, account debiting without knowing, food getting very expensive and atheism growing. All in one country and we are still counting 😢”.

osagiator_ewean_gabriel said, “Devil will not give u any thing for free and bible talk about three agenda of the devil he came to steal, kill and destroy”.

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