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Saturday, September 23, 2023

VIDEO: Lil Baby first time at the shooting range

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Lil Baby first time at the shooting range.

Jayda sparks criticism for having her son do the drink challenge

Jayda Wayda is one of the few women on social media who even publicly spends time with her child. It seems like every time she posts Loyal, her son with Lil Baby, that people criticize it. A couple of years ago, she was doing the “It’s Givin Challenge.” When she had her son playing, people were saying she was making her son a homosexual for having him say “it’s givin.'” Now, she has him playing the “Drink Challenge,” and social media is up in arms again.

Jayda Wayda finds herself in the center of social media driven controversy, today. Yesterday, she had her son, Loyal, participating in the “Drink Challenge.” The challenge consists of drinking from different straws, with the actual drinks hidden. After that, the person guesses what they were drinking. By simply doing that, fans are accusing Jayda of making her son with Lil Baby gay. As a result, she and Loyal are trending on social media.

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