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Monday, September 11, 2023

VIDEO: Nasty C punched a fan who jumped on stage during his show in Zambia

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nasty C punched a fan who jumped on stage during his show in Zambia.

Nasty C wasn’t too impressed when a fan jumped on stage and tried to dance with him while he was performing during a show in Zambia over the weekend.

In one of several videos circulating online, the 26-year-old is seen punching and kicking a fan who appeared to suddenly hop on stage and approach the ‘Hell Naw’ rapper.

The incident was captured on video by numerous audience members and quickly made its way to various social media platforms. In a matter of minutes, the footage went viral, igniting a firestorm of debates and discussions across the internet. Many viewers expressed shock and disappointment at Nasty C's actions, questioning whether such a violent response was warranted in this situation.

As the video circulated, it became evident that the fan did not pose a physical threat to the artist. He appeared to be unarmed and was simply caught up in the excitement of the moment, wanting to share the stage with his musical idol. Critics argue that Nasty C's response was disproportionate and that he should have handled the situation differently, perhaps by engaging with the fan in a non-violent manner or allowing security personnel to handle it.

Security quickly intervened as the fan fell to the ground before Nasty C tries to get one more kick in. The music is then cut as the fan is dragged off stage and back into the crowd.

“Nasty C punches a fan in Zambia during his performance,” shared SA Hip Hop Feeds.

The incident unfolded when a zealous fan, brimming with excitement, managed to breach security and climb onto the stage where Nasty C was performing. The fan appeared to be overjoyed and simply wanted to share the stage with his idol, perhaps to showcase his dance moves or simply soak in the moment. However, what was intended as a harmless act of enthusiasm quickly escalated into a regrettable altercation.

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