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Sunday, September 3, 2023

VIDEO: SAMOA JOE shoved MJF again after 7 years

SAMOA JOE shoved MJF again After reuniting after 7 years.
After a strong start by the champions, MJF began selling his neck. MJF got hit in the back by Reynolds with a chair in the neck. MJF was helped to the back while Cole was being double teamed in the ring. Dark Order hit a double clothesline at one point. MJF ran out to the ring despite being held back by medical. MJF got the hot tag and the crowd popped. MJF cleaned house. MJF with the kangaroo kick to Silver. MJF and Cole went for the double clothesline and hit it for the win.

During a classic NXT moment, MJF actually played a security guard during the show. He led then-NXT Champion Samoa Joe to the ring, and he tried to get out in front of the Samoan Submission machine. That called for Joe to put MJF in line.

Fans were quick to call out this reference, but MJF didn’t think it was funny. MJF tried to fight Joe over this, and they had to separate them. Then Samoa Joe got his ROH TV Title match started with Shane Taylor.

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