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Friday, September 8, 2023

VIDEO: Video of JungKook smoking a cigarette outside Matsuhisa restaurant In Los Angeles goes viral

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Video of JungKook smoking a cigarette outside Matsuhisa restaurant In Los Angeles goes viral.

It is no secret that fans have always been too critical of their idols’ personal life choices. While some fans were taken aback by his choice to smoke, many came forward in defence of their idol. Internet users who are not JK fans are also questioning why smoking is being made out to be a big deal.

Even in the west, here in North America, in some circles, smoking is considered a character flaw. I smoked for a long time and then I switched to vaping, which I still do, and it’s not like I’m proud of it but I’m also not ashamed of it. Smoking and vaping, to be clear, are NOT healthy – I’m not condoning it, but it’s also not something to be shamed over or be judged over. That’s not to say that I think stars should be free to flaunt it and smoke in photos they post on Instagram or whatever, but if they’re inadvertently seen smoking after a meal, there doesn’t need to be an overreaction. And this is relevant because, well, as you can see, in some of the shots, JK is smoking. Which, by western celebrity gossip standards, is pretty pedestrian. Ben Affleck getting papped with a cigarette in his mouth is any given Tuesday. Korean celebrities though are much more protective about their reputations and their public image; like on some television shows, JK actually has to cover up his tattoos, because social standards are much more conservative. So with the smoking, it’s not a crime, but K-pop idols are encouraged to keep squeaky clean images and smoking doesn’t usually fall into that category even though, just as it is in the west, so many celebrities smoke in the east. Still, there have been idols of adult age who’ve been seen smoking in the past and who have been compelled to apologise. The site reported three SUVs and two minibuses were required to transport Jungkook and his large team to Matsuhisa, a famous restaurant where celebrities like Hailey Bieber are often seen and photographed by paparazzi.

The gossip blogger also speculated that while it is not known why Jungkook is currently in LA, he could be getting ready to go to the MTV Video Music Awards in New Jersey next, where his song 'Seven" received a historic nomination for "Song of the Summer."

Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, was spotted smoking in a leaked photograph that has since gone viral on the internet. The photographs showing Jungkook supposedly smoking were taken while he was in Los Angeles on an overseas schedule. He was styled in a casual black T-shirt and jeans while standing in a parking area.

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