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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Overclockers managed to hit 1300 FPS in Counter Strike 2 using the new 8GHz Intel i9-14900K

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Overclockers managed to hit 1300 FPS in Counter Strike 2 using the new 8GHz Intel i9-14900K.

Unfortunately, it appears they had to roll it back as the PC kept crashing to the Blue Screen of Death and used a lower frequency of RAM.

Overclocking in this capacity gives us a great indication of exactly how far the hardware can be pushed, but don’t expect to be playing Counter-Strike 2 at 1300FPS on your Intel CPU at home. During the event, the team managed to clock up to 1300FPS, and a minimum of 900FPS. Of course, Intel CPUs already run very, very hot and will throttle the moment temperatures rise too far. However, Team AU – as with other overclocking enthusiasts – had flasks of liquid nitrogen on hand to keep things under control.

Team AU 14900K overclock news
Counter-Strike 2 is the sort of fast-twitch game you'd like to play at a least a couple hundred frames per second, and the more the better. Intel's Core i9-14900K can already help drive this and much more in Counter-Strike 2, but extreme overclockers Team AU at SXSW Australia were able to push the 14900K to 8GHz and hit 1,300 FPS in Valve's popular esports shooter, in a real match no less.
The Core i9-14900K has already proven itself to be a great chip for overclocking, and you might have seen that another extreme overclocking team was recently able to set a new overclocking world record by hitting 9.04GHz on the 14900K. While that's a full gigahertz higher than 8GHz achieved here, the world record was set in a very light benchmark that's much easier to pass than real gameplay in a title like Counter-Strike 2. It's not very common to run games for extreme overclocking sessions, so it's not clear how stable 8GHz was, but it's definitely impressive that it didn't crash even at such a high frequency.

Certain tactics are used to hit the maximum of 1300FPS in CS2, which includes looking directly at the floor and at less congested areas.

However, at some point towards the end of the overclocking, Team AU begins playing the game to cheers from the audience. In another video before the hit of 1300FPS, Team AU was overclocking the RAM to also squeeze more performance out.

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