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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

PHOTO: Nigerian man, Timi Trey, caught barn owl worth $4K in Nigeria

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerian man caught barn owl worth $4K in Nigeria.

They have some extraordinary specially adapted characteristics to help them hunt for food at night, such as incredibly sensitive hearing and the ability to see movement with very little light.

A Nigerian man has stirred reactions on social media over a rare creature he found beside his generator. Taking to TikTok, the man, @timitrey, shared a video of the owl, saying he was about to put on the generator when he saw it.

A look at the clip shows the bird is a barn owl. According to Barn Owl Trust, barn owls are birds of prey, hunting and catching small mammals.

The Barn Owl, known as “Egungun-Eja” in Nigeria, is a fascinating nocturnal bird that thrives in various regions across the country. With its heart-shaped face and distinct white, golden, and grey feathers, this owl is easily recognizable. It is a commonly spotted species in the Nigerian countryside, often dwelling in abandoned buildings, old barns, and open woodlands.

These birds play a vital role in the ecosystem by helping to control rodent populations. With their sharp talons and excellent hearing, they swoop down silently to catch small mammals like rats and mice, contributing to the balance of nature in their habitat.

In some Nigerian cultures, the Barn Owl holds symbolic significance. Some believe that its presence signifies good fortune, while others view it as an omen, associating it with witchcraft or dark magic. These beliefs have contributed to the owl’s status as a mysterious and sometimes feared creature.

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