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Friday, October 20, 2023

Shaun king is taking credit for the release of the two American hostages from Hamas

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Shaun king is taking credit for the release of the two American hostages from Hamas.

Taking to social media, he wrote: 
 "I bet this won’t go viral. ⁣
The truth never does. It should, but people prefer lies.⁣
"Today, after years of people lying and saying I was stealing money from GoFundMe’s for families impacted by police violence, the legal and safety team @GoFundMe released their official statement stating:⁣
1. I’ve never even started a GoFundMe for anyone.⁣
2. I’ve never been the beneficiary of a GoFundMe.⁣
3. I’ve never withdrawn funds from a GoFundMe. ⁣
"They searched 10+ years of history. ⁣
They searched every email account I’ve ever had.⁣
They searched every GoFundMe I’ve ever shared on social media.⁣
And what they found is what I’ve said for YEARS, no family has ever even reported to them that I’ve done any such thing. ⁣
"It was a lie first made up by white supremacists. ⁣
First they said I stole from the family of Eric Garner. But they didn’t even have a fundraiser. ⁣
Then they said I stole from the family of Michael Brown. All lies. Just complete fiction. ⁣
"Then they said I stole from the family of Tamir Rice. ⁣
Then the family of Philando Castile. ⁣
Eventually they said it about every single family I ever helped. They harassed those families as well.⁣
The whole thing has been so damn shameful.⁣
And before long, white supremacists didn’t have to say it anymore because white liberals and gullible Black folk started repeating the lies. ⁣
"chloeesuxx then lied in a viral post and said I stole money raised for Cyntoia Brown who was in prison at the time. But Cyntoia didn’t even have a fundraiser. ⁣
dashaunlh then lied and said I’ve stolen from families all over the country. ⁣
Nobody has lied more than @MrErnestOwens. For years he’s promoted this withno repercussions. He’s so obsessed with me that he’s become damn near a stalker. ⁣
"I’ve had people literally interrupt my speeches and even stop me in the street while I’ve been with my family to confront me over stealing funds from GoFundMe. I’ve received death threats over people confronting me about this. ⁣
And it’s never happened. Stealing ONE PENNY from a family would be a state and federal crime. ⁣
Thank you to @GoFundMe for making this public statement."

Two U.S. hostages, a mother and a daughter from suburban Chicago, were released by the Hamas militant group on Friday, officials announced. The freed hostages were identified as Judith and Natalie Raanan, who are dual U.S.-Israeli citizens, according to a spokesperson for the Israeli prime minister's office.

The Raanans were taken from Gaza by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the group said in a statement, and Israel's military and security forces met the pair at the country's border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, the spokesperson for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said. During the attack, Hamas militants killed more than 1,400 people, including civilians and soldiers, according to Israeli authorities. It was the most deadly attack by militants in Israel’s 75-year history and revealed a staggering intelligence failure by the country’s security forces.

Israel has since responded by enacting a blockade on Gaza and launching a barrage of airstrikes into the Palestinian enclave, sparking a humanitarian crisis. Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have killed more than 4,100 people, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

In a statement, Hamas spokesperson Abu Obaida said: “In response to Qatari efforts, Al-Qassam Brigades released two American citizens (a mother and her daughter) for humanitarian reasons, and to prove to the American people and the world that the claims made by Biden and his fascist administration are false and baseless.” 

Qatar confirmed the release of the two American hostages and said they will “continue dialogue with Israel and Hamas in hope of releasing all civilian hostages from every nationality,” the spokesperson for Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Majid Al-Ansari said in a statement.

President Joe Biden said he is “overjoyed” that the two US citizens will “soon be reunited with their family,” and called for their privacy. Biden reiterated that his administration has been “working around-the-clock” to free Americans held hostage by Hamas.

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