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Thursday, November 9, 2023

FOOTAGE: TikToker used Meta Quest 3 to do chores while watching Spider-Man

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that TikToker uses Meta Quest 3 to do chores

One of the major features of the Meta Quest 3 as opposed to many other VR headsets is the high-quality pass-through. This means that VR users can use a camera built into the headset to view the outside world, but still use the features of the headset, such as viewing a virtual screen. Using a device this way is called Mixed Reality, or XR.TikToker uses Meta Quest 3 to do choresTikToker uses Meta Quest 3 to do chores

Very few of us enjoy doing household chores. The pile of dishes in the sink, the mountain of laundry waiting to be washed, or the carpet needing to be vacuumed are all things that will make many people sigh in despair, but one TikToker has found an ingenious way to make chores less boring by using a Meta Quest 3 headset.

Meta's Quest 3 is its first headset being marketed as an affordable mixed-reality device for its ability to let you play games, watch videos, and browse the internet while simultaneously viewing your surroundings. The headset costs $499-$649, depending on how much data storage you want. 

The X user @CixLiv posted a video of himself walking into a café and ordering while wearing the headset, which to onlookers might resemble futuristic ski goggles, recording a cashier's response.

The video appears to take place in a laundromat. More often than not, people will bring portable handhelds like a Nintendo Switch to pass the time until the cycle is complete. With the release of standalone Mixed Reality headsets like the Quest 3, another option is now available. Though, you might get a couple of odd stares if you choose to use passthrough for the entire time.

We also wouldn’t exactly recommend playing kinetic titles like Beat Saber in any populated places, as you could run the risk of accidentally hitting someone while flapping your arms around. With VR and MR becoming more accessible and more commonplace, it’s only a matter of time before people come up with even more ingenious uses of cutting-edge hardware.

The coffee-shop cashier in the video appeared largely unfazed by the customer wearing a headset, taking his order as usual. While Cix Liv, the customer who recorded the video, said in a follow-up post on X that the cashier "absolutely hated" him, he later told Insider that was probably not "accurate" and was said more in jest. He said he later returned to the same café and found that the workers were all joking about the headset.

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