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Saturday, November 18, 2023

PHOTO: David Corenswet training in the gym in new picture for SUPERMAN LEGACY

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that David Corenswet training in the gym in new picture for SUPERMAN LEGACY.

On Instagram, personal trainer Paolo Mascitti shared a new image of Corenswet in a gym as he continues his preparation to suit up as Superman. Though Corenswet is fully clothed, it's not hard to see how bulked he's become. The actor already had a face that was reminiscent of the Man of Steel, but his commitment to packing on the muscle to further embody the part seems to be on full display in the new image. 

One of the top comments reactions to Corenswet workout photo are DCEU fans who are commenting that the actor looks a LOT like Henry Cavill in this photo. That's true, as you can see for yourself above, which will only rekindle the debate about how Gunn and Co. are approaching the film. There were a lot of fans who thought that the casting of David Corenswet as Superman and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane was a sign that Gunn was looking back to the Donner version of Superman (and Christopher Reeve) for inspiration. If Corenswet comes out of the gym looking as swole as Cavill, it's going to spark lots of new intrigue about what, exactly, Superman: Legacy is aiming to do. 

Since his casting was announced, Corenswet has kept silent on his involvement in Superman: Legacy, though he spoke about his desire to one day play Superman in previous interviews. In 2019, he told Entertainment Weekly that it was his "sort of pie-in-the-sky ambition" to play Superman one day. He also noted his love for Henry Cavill's version of the character from the Snyderverse, though Corenswet also said he was hoping to "see somebody do a really upbeat throwback," adding that he would "love to see the next one be very bright and optimistic."

"Superman is an amazing character, a classic American character. He's been done right and he's been done wrong. It's time for another right one," Corenswet continued, sharing what he'd ideally like to see in the next Superman film. "The cool thing about Superman is the thing that everybody says is the problem with the character, which is that he's invincible. That's the most interesting thing abut him. What a difficult position for a person to be in. There's so much to be mined there, and deal with the drama that's inherent in somebody who doesn't have any problems and can't die."

Clearly, the caption resonates with the idea of Superman being an iconic character with a long legacy of equally iconic live-action performances – while also being a playful spin on the Superman Reboot's title. David Corenswet is taking on nothing less than what is arguably the most tricky Superman relaunch ever; Henry Cavill's Superman and his DCEU era were somewhat divisive, but the ones who loved it, truly loved it. Corenswet isn't just leading Superman: Legacy, he's the actor who will open the door to the whole DC Universe franchise that James Gunn and Peter Safran are building at DC Studios – meaning this new Superman is the face of an entire franchise universe to follow. 

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