PHOTO: Kai Cenat showed off Any Means Possible tattoo and Bronx street in backshots tattoos at his back KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Saturday, November 18, 2023

PHOTO: Kai Cenat showed off Any Means Possible tattoo and Bronx street in backshots tattoos at his back

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kai Cenat showed off Any Means Possible and Bronx street in backshots tattoos at his back.

Kai Cenat has unveiled a new full back tattoo that pays homage to his New York City origins. The piece includes to reference to his AMP content house, with "Any Means Possible" across his shoulder blades and the AMP logo on his lower back. However, the rest of the piece is all New York. The Statue of Liberty can be prominently seen, as can a New York subway car. Furthermore, there is a large street sign labeled The Bronx with a pair of Tims hanging from it.

New York City hasn't always returned the favor to the YouTuber. Cenat was taken into custody earlier this year after sparking a minor altercation in Union Square.

Cenat likes getting tattoos and frequently posts sneak peeks of them on social media. The precise number of tattoos on Cenat's body is unclear. However, there are enough, as his arms and chest are covered in amazing and lifelike ink drawings.

Cenat's identity is firmly linked to his origins in New York. A New Yorker through and through, the streamer has a deep love for the city. However, the city hasn't always loved him back. Earlier this year, Cenat was arrested for causing a small riot in Union Square. The incident came about as a result of Cenat announcing an impromptu meetup and giveaway without clearing it with law enforcement or city officials.

However, it's not all been positive news for Cenat. Earlier this month, he was blindsided by the news that Blueface doesn't like him. Cenat was live on stream when he was sent a recent Jason Lee clip of Chrisean Rock saying that Blueface doesn't "f-ck with him". Safe to say, Cenat was stunned by the revelation. “Yoooo! Dude! Blueface! He said he don’t f-ck with me! What the f-ck? Why he say f-ck me for? What the f-ck? Damn, Blue, that’s tough. Damn my n-gga, damn bruh. That’s tough my n-gga," Cenat said aghast.

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