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Sunday, November 5, 2023

‘THE MARVELS’ ticket pre-sales are, unfortunately, not doing well

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that ‘THE MARVELS’ ticket pre-sales are, unfortunately, not doing well. 

It could potentially be heading to the lowest grossing opening weekend for a MCU movie ever.

Taking to social media, Luiz Fernando wrote:

"If #Disney has any Ace up their sleeves to spike up audiences interest, they better use it ASAP. 
Last week’s chatter around the leak unfortunately didn’t boost #TheMarvels    pre-sales at US #BoxOffice.
Quite the opposite, pre-sales are stuck.

We could be talking of a potential worst opening weekend in MCU’s history coming up next week.
I still think that it will at least come above #TheIncredibleHulk, as I believe that the #MCU fan base is still big enough to make a difference last minute, specially on FRI Opening Night.
But don’t be surprised anymore if it doesn’t.

Also, I wanted to give an advice for friends who are also MCU fans or CBM fans in general: next week’s online chatter about this particular opening weekend might be potentially ugly, depending on how things go. For many, but specially for fans, it might be as ugly as it gets! 

I’m telling you this because, as I do for any other movies, I’ll post about The Marvels and it’s situation at the Box Office. The news and numbers on the posts might not be what one hoped for, and the comments session unfortunately might have those heated takes and debates we all know full well. 

So, If you think that it will be too overwhelming for you, out of fairness I’d suggest you to unfollow me so you don’t get any updates from that could make you feel angry or sad.

Don’t worry, It’s ok, I totally understand that, and you can always follow me back and interact with me again in the future with no issue at all from my part if you want to.

To be honest, I think that even staying out of social media altogether would be a good idea for anyone who feels extremely passionate about the topics involved.

"I just wouldn’t want anyone, specially my friends here, to feel triggered by any #BoxOffice post if any of you by previous experiences already know that you could get affected by them.

"I don’t want my posts to be any kind of unpleasant, unwelcome, toxic presence in your life or in your timeline. As a fan myself, I know it won’t be an easy couple of days for many people.

"But one thing I promise you: as with anything else, it’ll be just another couple of days that will come and go, this you can rest assured of!"

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