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Friday, November 3, 2023

Tony Hawk says his Space Jam sequel 'Skate Jam' is 'the one that got away

Tony Hawk says his SpaceJam sequel 'Skate Jam' is 'the one that got away' 

It was all set to happen and then when 'Looney Tunes: Back In Action' bombed Warner Bros stopped returning his calls.

At one point during his interview with the skateboarder, Hot Ones host Sean Evans brings up the rumor of Hawk being involved with said movie. In response to this, Hawk says (as transcribed by Louder), “Yes. That is true. I think that that’s the one that got away.”

Pro skating legend Tony Hawk has revealed that he was once in talks to star in a somewhat unlikely sequel to one of the biggest films of the 90s. Speaking on chat show/hot sauce challenge Youtube sensation Hot Ones earlier this week, Hawk confirms a rumour put forward by host Sean Evans that in the early 2000s, he was contacted about filming a skateboard-themed sequel to Space Jam, the smash hit 1996 Warner Bros comedy in which basketball icon Michael Jordan goes to shoot hoops with the Looney Tunes.

"Yes," he replies. "That is true. I think that that's the one that got away." When Evans asks exactly how close we came to seeing that film come to fruition, Hawk responds: "They presented the idea to me, that it would be 'Skate Jam', much along the lines of Space Jam, with all the Looney Tunes characters. And then I was going to be the main real person. I was leaving for Australia - coincidentally to work on a different, an independent film there, and they said 'We wanna meet you at LAX [airport], 'cause we wanna finalise all the details. So they met me at that restaurant in the middle of LAX and they said, 'This is happening', like, 'Here are the script ideas, here's the poster', and I remember thinking, 'When is this going to happen?'

The skateboarder continues, revealing why the film was dropped: “[They said], ‘When you get back, we’re going to finalize all the details,’ like, that’s set, it’s happening. Awesome! I get on the plane, go to Australia. In the meanwhile, they released Back In Action, which was a Looney Tunes film with Brendan Frasier, and apparently it didn’t do the numbers they had hoped. That was supposed to be their way to reintroduce Looney Tunes characters. By the time I got back from Australia, they weren’t even calling anymore. It was gone. It was just gone. It was more like, ‘What happened?! Let’s all meet up again! This is gonna be fun, right?!’ Yeah. Bummer.”

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