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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

VIDEO: Laughters as a deer ran through a packed Noodles & Company in Wisconsin for shortcut

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Laughters as a deer ran through a packed Noodles & Company in Wisconsin.

He (Patti Pickering) told NBC15: "He came into the dining room, the kids had exited out the side doors and he came through the kitchen and then out the back door."

Last month a black bear was caught on camera raiding a Tennessee garden to swipe barbecue food. Footage shows the bear grabbing 10 hamburgers and a Diet Coke - a treat for the family having a barbecue.

TikTok user melmell7197, whose garden was raided by the bear, shared a video saying: “Damn bears ate our dinner tonight.” The man from Gatlinburg, Tennessee filmed as the bear sniffed around the garden before the beast discovered the 10 patties cooking. 

Chaos erupted inside a packed restaurant after a deer stormed the packed eatery.

The uninvited guest joined diners at Noodles & Company, with CCTV images from inside the establishment capturing the moment it charged through the door - sending a group of patrons sprinting from their seats.

Noodles & Co. has confirmed there were no injuries to team members, guests or the deer.

The company has since boarded up the front wndow the buck jumped through.

In light of the event, the company is offering a “2 Buck Mac & Cheese” special on Wednesday for hungry customers who want to “save some doe.” Beloit customers can place an order online or through the Noodles app using promo code 2BUCKMAC to receive mac and cheese for $2 at that specific location.

The bear then bites chunks out of the patties. After knocking back a Diet Coke, it then proceeded to drink up the spillage, reports the Express US. Another bear was caught on surveillance strolling into a Vancouver convenience store and making off with a package of — what else? — gummy bears.

Patti Pickering, the general manager of the store, said they were in the middle of the lunch rush, including 65 children who were having a meal while trick-or-treating, when the deer jumped through the store’s window.

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