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Thursday, November 23, 2023

VIDEO: Voice actor, Ned Luke, got swatted by the cops while playing GTA 5 on live stream

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Voice actor, Ned Luke, got swatted by the cops while playing GTA 5 on live stream.

Luke himself has responded to his fans on Twitter since the incident took place, not with a statement, but with an image of a guy shrugging his shoulders. It's a pretty sarcastic and typical response from the man himself, but at least it's let everyone know that he's safe and doesn't appear to be majorly affected by the incident. Fans have also been expressing their well-wishes in the replies to Luke's tweet, concerned for his safety and condoning the individual or group behind the swatting attempt.

The clip of Luke realizing he's been swatted was shared by Twitter user GTA 6 News, which shows Luke playing GTA Online and checking out some online leaderboards. Luke then answers a phone call, his facial expression drops, and he then then stands up from his seat and explains to his viewers watching at the time that "now these assholes have swatted my house".

On November 23, it was GTA 5 actor Ned Luke who came into the crosshairs, receiving a phone call mid-stream informing him that his property was being swarmed by a swat team. Though the nature of this incident had “nothing” to do with the developers behind the blockbuster franchise, Luke soon clarified.

What makes the situation slightly worse is that Luke didn't seem all that surprised by this event. His use of the phrase "now these assholes have swatted my house" suggest that Luke has been dealing with troublemakers for quite a while, which is surprising given how beloved he is in the GTA community and how much legal weight Rockstar has behind it.

Playing GTA Online with fans watching along live, some quickly ‘jumped to conclusions,’ as Luke put it shortly after.

“Rockstar failing to hide people’s IP addresses from modders could’ve resulted in one of the lead actors for GTA getting shot and killed,” one Twitter user claimed. “Rockstar should have solved this problem years ago.”

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