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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

HOT: Spider-Man 2 entire budget was $315M

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Spider-Man 2 total budget was $315 million. 

Insomniac Games is not having a good time right now. The developer was hit recently by a ransomware group that stole a vast collection of documents. It was put up online for a week to get Sony to pay the group off. Unfortunately, it looks like the ransomware group went ahead and released the documents online, so details on upcoming titles like Wolverine have been posted, along with a roadmap of what’s to come, have emerged online. One of the leaked documents that have surfaced online is based on the development costs for their projects like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

A few projects were revealed online regarding their costs and how much of a profit the studio has received. Thanks to the thread on NeoGAF, which posted the documents, it seems that Ratchet & Clank was not a success that the studio had hoped for. This title apparently was released at a loss of $8M. Meanwhile, Insomniac Games’ latest title release is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. According to the post, that game apparently cost the studio $315M to develop, with a total profit of $75M. 

If it seems like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in the news quite a bit lately, it’s because A) he’s quite busy and B) he is a rare modern-day movie star who is still able to make mid-to-big budget star vehicles based at least partially on his would-be value to the general audience moviegoer. Yes, for example, Matt Damon is still technically a star, but he’s not terribly reliable as a draw unless he’s playing Jason Bourne or being rescued from war zones or outer space. And now that Will Smith isn’t quite the “all by himself” draw that he used to be, it’s essentially down to smaller-scale comedy stars (Melissa McCarthy, Kevin Hart, etc.), B-movie draws like Denzel Washington (who is worth his weight in gold for under-$90 million action thrillers) and Gerard Butler plus outright heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio and Dwayne Johnson.

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