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Monday, December 18, 2023

VIDEO: Fan gifted Drake $0.20 during his Kick live stream

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Fan gifted Drake $0.20 during his Kick live stream..

Canadian superstar Drake went on a live stream on Dec. 17, and was given an unheard-of tip that he graciously accepted.

According to Uproxx, Drake was on the platform for a promoted $100,000 sub giveaway that was supposed to have taken place during and after Drake was on the live stream.

Elsewhere during the show, Drake’s co-host asked about his New Year’s resolution, and Drake said, “Travel more for the purpose of enjoyment.” The co-host implored Drake to visit Europe and he replied with a bit of breaking news: “I will. I think I’m going to go on tour in Europe, but again, that’s for work.” He also rattled off some vacation destinations on his radar: “I’ve never been to so many places. I’ve never been to Italy, never been to Tokyo, never been to Albania.”

At some point during the live event, as Drake spoke, he seemingly notice a donation sent online. In the video clip, which was posted by XXL, Drake said, “F**k Drake for the night.” He then paused to take a sip of a beverage, and he came back and he said, “That’s what she said.”

Then he smiled and said, “But, no, honestly, forget about me, um, thank you for the 20-cent tip, [inaudible name], appreciate that. That’ll go to a good cause.”

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