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Friday, January 12, 2024

VIDEO: Keith Lee ended Bay Area food tour after he landed in emergency room in hospital due to eating shellfish allergy

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Keith Lee ended Bay Area food tour after he landed in emergency room in hospital due to eating shellfish allergy.

The line is around the corner a day after Keith Lee’s visit to The Puddery, a struggling desert shop in Pearland, Texas 

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime for a business like mine,” the owner Janel Prator said. 

Houston’s restaurants are playing a guessing game: Which business will famed TikTok food critic Keith Lee review next?

A visit by Lee can fuel a surge in business and attention for restaurants, but sometimes individual employees also benefit from a visit from one of the social media’s biggest food influencers.

This week, Lee left a $2,000 tip for Janel Prator, the owner of dessert shop the Puddery in Pearland.

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime for a business like mine,” Prator said in an Instagram Reel she recorded several days ago ahead of Lee’s visit.
Lee’s visit to Prator’s dessert shop, located at 5517 Broadway in a strip center across the street from Sam Jamison Middle School, is his fourth TikTok review from Houston. The video was posted Tuesday night and is already his most popular clip in Space City with 4.7 million views as of Wednesday morning.

Taking to social media, an X account, shared a throwback clip of Keith Lee and his daughter in the bathroom having hair shower. 

In the trending video, Keith Lee big penis was noticed. 

As we’ve been covering, TikTok influencer Keith Lee has caused quite a stir with his honest opinions about the Atlanta food scene. The social media star, who has amassed over 15 million followers across his social media platforms, shared his experience with Atlanta’s long wait times, condiment surcharges, notoriety favoritism, unconventional business hours, and to-go order debacles.

Lee went on to further explain that his platform and ability to shed light on smaller businesses is based on truth and authenticity, which some people are giving him slack for. The foodie urged restaurants that request his criticism to know that he’ll be honest every time and that he doesn’t expect everyone to be happy or agree with that. However, Lee said he draws the line at threats towards him and his family’s safety, as well as the owners and employees of the places he visits. He continued:

“What can’t happen is when my family’s, or the restaurants’, or anybody’s safety starts coming into play. It’s absolutely overboard…It was so much positive that happened in Atlanta that was shunned by the negative…Imma be 100% transparent and 100% candid, me and my family will postpone touring if other cities go be like this…nobody’s safety should be on the line.”

Robberies in Oakland where a gun was used increased by 37 percent in 2023.

Moreover, burglaries were up 24 percent and motor vehicle theft surged by 45 percent - an all-time record for Oakland. 

Last month, a businessman had both his businesses and his car broken into over the same week.

A recent report showed 95 retailers in downtown San Francisco have closed since the start of the Covid pandemic - a decline of more than 50 percent from 2019.

Office vacancy rates hit a record high of 34 per cent in September as shops were driven out of the downtown area by heightened crime and economists warn the city is spiraling into an 'urban doom loop'.

Looting specifically became a huge problem for the city while rampant theft caused the downfall of San Francisco's main shopping area - Union Square - and forced many major chains and local businesses to permanently close their doors.

The available food in the Bay Area was also not up to standard, Lee said, explaining that he went to six food spots he decided to not review because he had 'nothing constructive' to say.

He said: 'I’ve always been big on honesty, I’ve always been big on transparency, but I’ve never been big on completely tearing down anybody, and I feel like those six videos were only doing that.'

Lee claimed if he can't post the videos, he would lose the money he invested on the trip.

Finally, Lee shared that he was hospitalized after suffering an allergic reaction to food he was served in the Bay Area. He claimed he asked the restaurant to clean the grill after cooking shellfish, but that he 'blew up like a balloon' after eating his meal. 

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