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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

VIDEO: YaNike gets arrested after he threw dog shit on passengers on a train

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that YaNike gets arrested after he threw dog shit on passengers on a train.

Brussels police arrested a young YouTuber who filmed himself throwing buckets containing “diverse substances” including “paint, feces [and] food” at metro travelers in the Belgian capital, the Brussels’ prosecutor’s office said Tuesday.

The unnamed suspect, identified by his initials “Y.D.,” was arrested on January 2 and has confessed, spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office Yasmina Vanoverschelde said in a press release.

He was indicted for assault and battery, and damaging property, Vanoverschelde said. A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office claimed that the YouTuber confessed to the incident, saying in a press release, “Videos of these events were posted on social networks, with the aim of getting as many ‘likes’ as possible.”

YaNike has had two complaints filed against him as a result of his ‘pranks’ — one from one of his victims, onto whom he reportedly flung a bucket of poo and oil, as well as one from Brussels’ public transport company, STIB.

The YouTuber, who goes by the alias “YaNike” on social media, has published seven videos over the past few months — all titled “chef’s surprise” — in which he splashes dismayed bystanders with brown mixtures while being filmed by an accomplice.

He sometimes appears with his face uncovered in the clips, which are unavailable to users in Belgium and total a few thousand views each.

According to Sudinfo, one of the YouTuber’s victims filed a complaint against him in November after being showered in a mixture of dog feces and oil while on the metro in Auderghem, a suburb of Brussels. Brussels’ public transportation company STIB also filed a complaint.

Belgian police have arrested a YouTuber by the name ‘YaNike’ for throwing buckets of “diverse substances,” including “paint, feces [and] food,” on metro passengers in Brussels for his channel.

Videos can be found on YaNike’s channel showing the YouTuber filling up a bucket with various elements like beer, water, and dog feces. YaNike then hops on a train, walks up to an unsuspecting passenger, and empties the bucket’s contents right on their heads before making his escape.

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